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Mobile saw milling

Mobile Saw Milling in Didcot, Oxfordshire

Alaskan Chainsaw mill

Sharp forestry are able to travel to you to provide a mobile timber milling service. This enables us to convert your own timber into a usable product whether it is for a personal project, to market or merely to have milled and stored for the future - a valuable alternative choice to leaving good timber to rot or be burned. Whether you are a tree surgeon, land owner, estate manager or Homeowner this is a valuable service.

Using our Alaskan chainsaw mill setup we can come to you and cut up your timber to your specification. A felled tree worth almost nothing on the ground can be milled into boards, posts and beams, potentially worth hundreds of pounds. 

The Alaskan Mill setup allows us to mill virtually anywhere. With no need for wide access we can carry our equipment to the tree. Making this service desireble for Homeowners with limited garden access, we can get our equipment into your back garden despite narrow access and gates.

This service is desirable for estates and other larger scale land owners. Use your own wood for your own projects and remove the need to buy in wood from external sources. Tell us what dimentions to cut the wood to and we can provied bespoke sized bits to suit your needs. Also, by milling on site we are not limited to the length of boards we can cut. As long as there is space to fell the tree, we can cut what ever lenght of board the tree can provide. This would most probably be longer than whats commercially avaliable from timber suppliers.

By milling your wood at your property, this drastically reduces the carbon footprint of every board and beam cut. It cuts out the need for copious amounts of transportation of the timber. This in turn drastically reduces the amount of fuel used to move the timber around the country.  

Our Mill has a maximum capacity of around 36" allowing us to mill some of the larger trees that we encounter and providing a new purpose from your trees on your property. 



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Mobile Saw Milling in Didcot , Oxfordshire